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The Many Different Card Genres


Greeting Cards

 The Different Types of Greeting Cards

We are all very familiar with cards, but are you aware that there are a number of different card genres? It is understandable that it might be a little confusing seeing all these different categories. From 3D cards, Handmade, to Personalised, we will be discussing the various types of cards, and what they are.


3D Cards

While we are aware of the well-known, more traditional types of card designs, it is far more likely that they are 2-dimensional, where we can perceive the image on a flat plane that has two dimensions (length and width). 3D cards, on the other hand, allow us to change how we perceive an image. Lenticular printing is used to achieve this. There is an illusion of depth as we have the ability to see the image differently as it is viewed from different angles.

For example, see our ranges of 3D cards here.


Blank Cards

If you haven’t already, feel free to have a look at our blog discussing the advantages of blank cards here.

Blank cards are those which don’t have a caption like a card typically would. There’s no “Happy Birthday”, “Happy Retirement” or “To My Dearest Daughter”. In short, they come in useful for any occasion – you provide the context yourself. You can see these types of cards in our Camden Graphics range, for example.


CD/DVD Cards

This one is a little more straightforward. CD Cards are cards that come with a CD, likewise, DVD cards come with a DVD. For example, our “Born in Year” range compiles of many CD and DVD cards, in which there may be a CD containing songs popular from the respective year on the card. A DVD might contain news segments pertaining to the year also. More of this can be seen here.


Handmade Cards

Handmaking greeting cards is a popular craft, in which many skilled people with interests in hand-crafting cards produce amazing quality cards with unique designs. The tradition of exchanging handmade greeting cards was present in Europe by the early 15th century, and has very much stayed alive since. You can see some beautiful, quality designs in our handmade cards collection.


Hobby Cards

They certainly come in useful if you’re looking for something a little more personalised!
Hobby cards include any cards relating to a hobby such as different sports, fishing, music, golf, cars, and many more. Such cards can be seen in our collection here. There really is a card for everyone when it comes to hobbies!



Of course, we can’t forget Irish-made cards. Nothing like supporting local businesses, and Irish-made cards can also include specific Irish references, photography, humour, or sometimes have captions as Gaeilge. Some ranges include:


Large Cards

Sometimes you might find a cause for a much grander, extravagant card, and no doubt there are many ranges that have designs in large sizes. Some ranges that produce large cards include Me To You, White Cotton Cards, Boofle, and many more. These cards generally are of premium quality, and you can bet they’ll certainly stand out on the mantelpiece!
You can find our collection of large cards here:


Personalised Cards

Finding a card that provides more personalisation is not an uncommon request. It’s perfectly understandable that you might want something a little more unique, and it can become more meaningful for the recipient of the card. Personalised cards include cards that have a specific design, but provide labels to stick onto the front of the card. In other words, you get to make the caption specific to your needs.
Such cards can be viewed here:

Of course, these are just a few of the many different card types out there, but now you know at least a few of them, and why you might find different types of cards appropriate for certain occasions.


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