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Wedding Cards - What You Should Write To The Newlyweds


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What to Write in a Wedding Card?

You have your thoughtful gift wrapped up perfectly, ready to give to the happy couple. You sit with your pen in hand, trying to think of the right thing to say in the card accompanying your gift. It can’t be that hard… can it? Stick with us and we'll look at  the different ways you can approach writing a wedding card, the casual and the more formal types of messages.


What Wedding Card Approach Should you Take?


Knowing what to write in a wedding card can be intimidating sometimes, especially if you’re unsure of the appropriate wedding etiquette. By the end of reading this piece, you will have some meaningful Wedding messages at the ready!.

Traditionally in Ireland, it is considered good etiquette to include a wedding card along with your gift to congratulate the newlyweds. When it comes to writing a message in the card, a few factors come into play in terms of who you’re writing to. Are they religious? Are they more reserved and traditional? Their personalities, and how well you know them, should determine the tone you take to your heartfelt message. While there are certainly some messages more on the casual side that can’t go wrong, it is perfectly understandable that one might want to convey something a little less basic than just “Congratulations!” Let's take a look at some helpful possibilities...


Here are 5 Casual, Yet Effective Wedding Messages:

• Love and best wishes always!

• We’re so happy to see you both so happy!

• Prayers and blessings on your wedding day.

• We hope that this day brings you joy, and may it continue to do so for the rest of your life.

• What a blessing to find true love. Wishing you both a happy journey together!


 You could also take a more formal approach...

What to write wedding card?


6 Formal Wedding Congratulations Messages:

• Heartfelt congratulations!

• Warmest wishes to you both on this wonderful day.

• It is so inspiring to see the two of you as you join your lives in marriage!

• May every day be beautiful and happy for you as a couple.

• God bless you both as you continue to share your days with the person you love.

• May life have even more wonderful things in store than the happiness you both share today.


 Saying Thank You

It is also a good idea to thank the couple for inviting you. Letting them know that you acknowledge their efforts in organising everything and wanting to share it with you will undoubtedly go appreciated.

• Thanks for inviting us to your wedding! It is an honour to share such a wonderful day with you.

• You’ll always remember this day, along with all of those who were there to share it with you.


Unable to Attend? No Problem, Just Let Them Know.

• Congratulations on this wonderful day. We wish we could be there to see it!

• Thinking of you both, with love on this special day.

• Our love and thoughts are with you as you celebrate your marriage.


If you’re looking for a quality card to support your heartfelt message, you can find our wide range of wedding cards here:

There are many more ways you can congratulate the couple, but as long as you let them know you’re thinking of them, and that their happiness for each other deserves to be celebrated, you can’t go wrong! Don’t celebrate too hard, though!



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